PEGASE is a professional application specialised in the creation, storage and sharing of documents. In responding to the challenges involved in large-scale documents production, PEGASE offers a combination of a collaborative portal and the management of professional processes. A flexible package, PEGASE can be used with an existing electronic document management module or on our own document management module.

PEGASE for greater efficiency


The PEGASE application is a powerful and reliable tool that is simple to use and enables documents of quality to be produced. Offering a fully automated process, our documentation production tool enables a range of complex and varied operations to be carried out.

Whether you are managing translations, carrying out corrections to documents, producing multiple copies or publishing documents, PEGASE forms the very centre of your document production process.

PEGASE for increased quality


Document production is a challenge that involves a large number of people. PEGASE enables the rapid implementation of the quality process required for large-scale document production.

The advanced functionality included in PEGASE, such as work review, absence management, the reassignment of tasks, real-time notifications or task consolidation will enable your company to achieve optimum quality in document production management, thereby ensuring the highest possible degree of client satisfaction.

Management is more effective with PEGASE

PEGASE makes it possible to produce larger quantities of documents of high quality.

PEGASE also enables the various tasks and different players involved in document production to be managed in precise detail.

Real-time information regarding process status, historical breakdowns of requests or detailed control panels for each service provide all of the information you will need in order to achieve enhanced visibility and to ensure the more effective management of your document production operations.

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