Data processing

Because companies are producing more and more data and this data needs to be valuated, our consultants are at your disposal to make this big shift in operating, converting and mining data. Innovative solutions, qualified experts and simplicity: to always be one step ahead of your customers and competitors

Our strength, Our expertise

ANURA has been active in the field of data processing for over fifteen years and is a major BI player in French-speaking Switzerland. Our experts are based in Geneva to provide you with local expertise.

We work on complex Business Intelligence projects, both in terms of the algorithms developed and data presentation.

Our expertise and regular checking of data quality guarantees an aid to strategic decision-making.

Our experience of complex algorithms

Our areas of expertise are based on complex and varied customer issues.

We develop advanced algorithms for you that support heterogeneous information from different sources.

These algorithms make it possible to sort, reformat, aggregate and enrich information in order to provide specific dashboards for an overall vision.

BigData and value-creation through data

BigData is the new innovative approach in computer-assisted decision-making. Using these masses of data has become one of the major issues for companies.

Our approach is based on collaboration with the best BigData experts.

Our specialists stand ready to ensure the success of your projects and to offer you the best products possible.


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