Data consolidation

MATIS is a market analysis services platform that enables our clients to compare and analyse their data against those of their competitors in a completely anonymous way. These market analyses are carried out by our experts in real time using consolidated data, assisted by MATIS.

Consolidation as a means of providing a complete overview of the market

MATIS is based on the processing and consolidation of raw market data.

These verified data are used to provide market analysis reports.

The quality of the data we use is one of our major concerns as we strive to supply to our customers a reliable system of consolidation to enable them to take the best possible decisions.

Consolidating your data using MATIS will provide clear and precise information that will enable you to increase performance, reduce risks and facilitate strategic decision-making.

Clarity of data extraction

The MATIS platform offers standard reports, in addition to market analysis reports on demand, depending on the client's specific needs.

The neutrality and impartiality of data extraction form the key features of our computer-assisted decision-making service.

All of our efforts are directed towards communication and we organize regular meetings with the various market players involved.

The innovative approach of MATIS coupled with that of our experts, already enables us to satisfy the market-analysis needs of the majority of tyre manufacturers in the world.

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