Customised business application

ANURA’s developers wanted to use their skills to serve the daily management of your company. Our electronic document management system, collaborative portal and business process management tools open up new horizons for more efficiency and flexibility.

Business process management

Processes need to be modelled accurately for effective and responsive business process management. This action involves structuring the company's activities.

The modelling phase is key to ensuring the success of projects to redesign business processes. The implementation requires a better understanding of your environment and your company.

As your context is unique, our consultants specialized in the implementation of business processes will support you in this approach, while putting your concerns at the forefront of their work.

Your Electronic Document Management (EDM)

ANURA’s strength is providing all of its capabilities so that the EDM implemented within your company is a unique EDM tailored to your environment and your context.

Companies are constantly changing, and the same is true of our approach to electronic document management. Our mastery of our electronic document management platform allows us to make specific modifications or developments to always stay close to your requirements. Our platform is open to interface with other products to ensure total control of the management of your documents.

The collaborative portal, a multi-faceted tool

Thanks to its features, the collaborative portal is at the heart of your business: delivery of content and adverts, news feeds, advanced search engine, etc.

It has become essential for companies to adopt different means of communication, which are more suitable for new communication channels. With this in mind, our expertise around the collaborative portal will give you complete satisfaction and will adapt to your environment and communication wishes.


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